April 29, 2008

aaahhhh, much better!

I have recently joined the world of Facebook - who knew everyone in the world was already there? In doing so, I have reconnected with a few friends, one of which has her own blog, and since I have not spoken to her in a few years, I have spent some time catching up on her life. Here are a few things I learned:

1. She has adorable and hilarious children
2. She is a great writer
3. I miss her like crazy
4. My blog sucks

Number four is what has prompted a complete overhaul to my own blog and a solemn vow to post more regularly about a variety of things, not just funny letters about porn left in televisions. So there it is. My solemn vow. We'll see how it works out.

1 comment:

girlymama said...

i don't know - that porn on the tv thing was good blog fodder... you just can't make that stuff up!!!