April 30, 2008

buried alive

There are certain things that I've been dying to get done and there just seems to be no time! I am trying SO HARD to maintain organization in my life and you can always tell how well I'm doing by how messy my car is. Seriously. If I have been crazy busy and have something to do every night of the week and weekends have been booked, you will notice that my backseat is filled - dishes from lunches and dinners that I've taken to work, whatever crap my mom has left in the car because we carpool and she isn't living at our house these days, clothes from the various outfits I've had to wear throughout the day, purchases from whatever store at which I've been shopping, and of course paperwork from various sorority meetings and church meetings I've been attending.

Typically when I feel my world swirling around me, I make a list. It helps me feel grounded. I love lists: To do lists, shopping lists, wish lists, lists of topics to discuss with my best friend (seriously, we do this when we have a lot to talk about because otherwise we forget them!)...any list will do! Last night when I got home from bible study I brought some of the stuff in from my backseat which means, of course, that now my kitchen and bedroom are a mess. But it's an improvement and at least makes me feel a little less frazzled. Plus, this morning before I left for work I emptied the dishwasher and re-loaded it so that the counters are clear again!
Now I am off to make a to do list because all this talk about lists....

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girlymama said...

ohmygoodness, I am CRAZY about making lists. I love it.
And crossing things off!!?!?! SO satisfying!!