April 30, 2008

little old me

Girlymama posted her answers on her site and I'm waiting for pics to upload to photobucket before I go to sleep so I thought I'd post my answers here:

Where is your cell phone? In my hand - I'm multi-tasking by texting at the same time that I'm typing this.
Your significant other? Jesus has not yet introduced us- :( because I think I'm ready :) because the Lord's timing is perfect!
Your hair? is always in a ponytail because it's so ridiculously curly and I need to get it cut as it is too long and shapeless right now.
Your mother? Is living at her best friend's house right now
Your father? as far as I know, alive...still.
Your favorite thing? sleep. laughing. friends. puppies. babies.
Your dream last night? that I was a prostitute. Very disturbing. I'll write later.
Your favorite drink? Mom's iced tea. Diet Coke. Water with lemon.
Your dream/goal? Ah, jeez. That's tough. Job wise: to get my Ph.D. be the Dean of Students and a professor and start a Student Affairs Masters program. Otherwise: to decrease me and increase God, to be married, to have children, to be a stay at home mom, to have fun most of the time.
The room are you in? my office in the basement of my house.
Your ex? wasn't really dating me
Your fear? that I'm sabotaging myself.
Where do you want to be in 6 years? Still here :)
Where were you last night? Bible study
What are you not? a man
Muffins? as in muffin tops? like fat spillover while wearing lowride pants? NO ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!!! If your pants make you do that, get bigger pants.
One of your wish list items? A camcorder
Where you grew up? Michigan
The last thing you did? Sent a text message to my best friend about how cool she is
What are you wearing? Um, horribly enough my work pants and a pajama top...
Your TV? Is upstairs
Your pets? Snickers my dog
Your computer? Provided by work, at work, for work...
Your life? is busy, but I like it that way
Your mood? Pensive
Missing someone? Carra - she hasn't been at bible study all semester becase she had class
Your car? A 2003 Honda CRV
Something you are not wearing? My rings
Favorite store? Target- shouldn't this just be an auto-fill answer?
Your summer? Will be a blast!
Like someone? Yes
Your favorite color? Pink, purple, green...depends
When is the last time you laughed? About an hour ago when my best friend called and I was so engrossed in what I was doing, I jumped about a mile at the sound of the phone ringing
Last time you cried? About an hour and a half ago...
Who will repost this? Um, probably no one because I don't think anyone reads this blog :) Let me know if you played along.

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