April 30, 2008

to do...ta da

I just can't help it, I need a to do list!

1. done- Meet Krawlings at Applebee's for a sorority meeting
2. done- Finish loading the dishwasher and cleaning out my car
3. done -Pack lunches for Thursday: iced tea to drink, lasagna, salad and a snack
4. move to Thursday - Find a tablecloth for baby shower on Friday
5. done - Finish uploading to photobucket so I can make links to pictures of things I'm talking about like my blogidol girlymama

1. totally done - she rocked it and got the job Take Mom downtown to the Med School for her interview
2. done and done! Yeah $30!Hang out and work with Pillow
3. mmpahngfdoneaskjs- *gulp* We went here Go to dinner with Mom
4. done :) Haul booty back home to do these things:
5. um...well, straightened anyway Clean the bathroom
6. a.k.a. shut the door - CLEAN MY BEDROOM
7. thanks mom :) Make bruschetta and salad for baby shower on Friday
8. done - Find a different tablecloth

1. done - Go through the gift box to see if there are any little gifts for the shower
2. done - Wrap said gifts
3. they were level - table level - Grab leveling things for under the tablecloth to create a foodscape
4. done but not played - Get some baby shower games together

1. not so much - If Mom's homework is done, go through stuff in the basement for garage sale
2. this either - If Mom's homework is NOT done, go to Trader Joe's with Katie
3. done - Pick up shredded cheese for Tres de Mayo party this afternoon

1. Church
2. Returning items here, here, and here purchased while I was shopping with my emotions
3. Work on my budget and pay bills
4. Catch up on my books and favorite magazine!

oh, this feels so much better already!

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