May 20, 2008

Mind numbing clutter

The Job is switching over to Microsoft Office 2007, far far away from my comfy cozy corner of 2003. This is all well and good and I'm all for updated features and more options and junk, but the training....oh, it makes my eyes droop and my mind wander it's so boring. You have the option of this annoying lilting voice reading the words on the screen and showing you what she's talking about, but I read faster than she talks so it only ends up confusing me, so I turned her off. Now I'm distracted. Because the mind numbing clutter of all the things I have to do are swirling around my head distracting me from learning about Access, which I will never use, by the way.

Therefore, it is time to create another to do list so that I can learn my Office 2007 crap :)

Music Ministry
done -Get contact info for intern
done -Create schedule to introduce various areas of ministry
done -- contact Visual ministry
done -- contact Sound ministry
- assign dates and times for shadows
doneAssign two special projects
done -Praise and worship concert
done -Dance/theatrical performance
done-Generate questions
done- Send out minutes of worship leader meeting, ministry meeting
done -Schedule for third quarter

College Bible Study
done -Research four or five bible study methods
Compile packet for each of them
Prepare outline of each week
done - Contact those who have signed up on sheets, returners
done - Contact incoming high school seniors
done -Make a list of possible activities, events
Gather some supplies for projects
done -Follow up with Deacons about videos for ministry proposal
removed - I'll give them the idea, but if they want to do it, they have to plan it!Brainstorm ideas and contact Nursery/Children's ministry for daycare

forget it, starting over - Clear up budget
done for now, can't make a decision - Get paint samples for back hall
chose different project - Sketch plan for backhall
Start sorting stuff in basement for yard sale
Send Board a map sign up sheet and bbq sheet for sub sale
done - Deposit reimbursement check
Research necessary items for tuition reimbursement for Fall semester
Spring cleaning

Sorority stuff
done - Schedule a meeting with Treas
done - Revise CAB and Council meeting schedules

I know there must be more, but that's all I can think of at the moment! I'm off to learn Access!!!!

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girlymama said...

you forgot
*paint toenails

good grief, girl!