May 3, 2008

Potatoes for appetizers

Everyone came over for the baby shower last night for Sara and we had a great time! She brought her friend Mary from college who is in town for the weekend, so everyone got to catch up, which was great. We had TONS of good food: spinach dip, bruschetta, brownies, cake, salad and yummy toppings, veggies, fruit, and yes, even the appetizer potatoes which I still hold are a side.

The pictures are taking their sweet time to load, so I thought I would catch up on some stuff before I get ready for the Tres de Mayo party (since it is the third of May) - which reminds me that I must dust off my sombraro!

Anyway, we sat around and chatted for a bit, and ate...a lot! We made a scrapbook and opened presents. It was a lovely evening. You can view the slideshow here.

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