May 16, 2008

Remiss with good reason

I have not written in two weeks! My posting more frequently committment went right out the window there, didn't it?! I've thought about posting, though, does that count?

I have a good reason, though! I have literally, LITERALLY- had something to do each night of the week for the past two weeks. Summer is starting up again so I've had to have a couple meetings with my ministry partner who agreed to lead the college bible study with me this summer.

Plus I've had music ministry stuff GALORE to get ready for a couple of meetings coming up this weekend, plus expanding the ministry and coming up with a plan for that. We're losing a couple of singers this summer and only have two drummers, so we need to be bigger, I think.

Then there were the dog sitting responsibilities for this little moochie who belongs to my best friend. I love hanging out with him because he's always so excited to see me and the cuddliest dog you've ever met. He's not happy unless he's on you whether it's sitting on your lap, or laying against you, laying up the length of your body, etc.

And I typically am posting at work, which has been crazy busy lately! The school year ended and the summer semester began so everyone wanted to know about their financial aid for summer. It's starting to slow down a bit, but soon we will start files for the Fall semester and it will be crazy again!

But I'm back. And still busy. But more organized. I promise.

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