June 24, 2008

Fat Day

I'm having a fat day today.

This does not mean that I'm skinny and my favorite leggings highlight my cute little paunch.

This really means that I'm constantly amazed at how we can see ourselves every day and not realize what we look like from an outsiders perspective. I was just uploading pictures to my photbucket account and looked at this pic and it made me want to cry. Not only because I am ridiculously overweight, but because it makes me want to eat comfort food! What sense does that make - stupid psychological crap!

I am therefore making a resolve. I am going to buy a scale. I am going to walk. I am going to bike. I am going to eat relatively healthy. I will be skinny! If I can quit smoking I can quit eating. Well, that doesn't sound exactly right, but if I can quit smoking then I can certainly eat better and exercise.

I just need to get up earlier! Oh, sleep, how I will miss you!

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