June 9, 2008

Give me an F, G, H, and J

No, I am not a cheerleader, but I did build a grill!

I have been missing grilled summer food since we moved into the condo and my craving for grilled chicken and grilled veggies this weekend was just too great! I went to Lowe's and got a tabletop portable gas grill. I expected given the size of the box that all I had to do was attach the legs and screw the mini bottle of propane onto it. Nope! The whole thing needed to be assembled so for two hours I deciphered ridiculous directions and tiny pictures that were hard to see. All the little nuts and bolts and springs and washers were labeled with letters...on the front of the package...not the back where the opening was, but the front. And there were like four little nuts, bolts and washers for each hole.

Finally it came together! Saturday we had grilled chicken and bbq chicken, grilled summer squash and bean salad. Delish! Strawberries, whipped cream and chocolate for dessert.

Tonight we're having hamburgers, corn on the cob, and salad!

Bon appetit!

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