June 23, 2008

The World Wide Web is Working Against Me

Ok, did you ever get the feeling that you are running down a particular path and as soon as you jump one hurdle, another one pops up? This is my life with my laptop.

So on Thursday, I left work believing that I would have to send my mom to UPS to pick up my laptop on Friday. I then received a cheerful phone call from the UPS man stating that the delivery would be made to my house between 6:15 and 6:30. Yay! That meant that everyone on the road had to be cooperative enough to get me home by 6:15 and that I had to race to Upper Room (the new name of the college ministry I run at church, you like?) but I was ok with that because I would have my laptop and just knowing that I could play with it when I got home was enough!

Do you think that worked? Um, no, traffic was awful, it was raining, people were driving like morons and I got home in time to see the UPS truck turn the wrong way out of a subdivision down the street. I considered chasing him...but then rationalized that I would not have the time to play that night anyway.

I waited until 6:30 just in case.

While at Upper Room, my aunt who graciously purchased the laptop for me called me a million times. Kind of unusual, but I thought maybe she was excited for me to get it! Turns out, rather than allowing me to pick it up the next day, like we had agreed, they dropped it with a neighbor...who I don't know. WHAT?!?!?! My very expensive laptop with someone I don't know? Rush home, rush home, rush home. Find the address. Crap, this is worse than I thought. Not only do I not know the neighbor, I know the house and that name does NOT belong to anyone that lives there! Oh, NO!

Turns out its their last name, not someone's first name, that signed for the package. Whew!

Oh, but the hurdling doesn't end there, my friend. Since I did not yet have a wireless router and since I had to download some security measures before I could take the laptop with me wherever I go, I was going to hook it up by ethernet to my mom's network. Then her router died.

When will it end?

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