July 11, 2008


So, I think I may have forgotten to mention in the whole hub bub of life, that I got accepted into the Ph.D. program! In five years (hopefully) I will have to change my name to Dr. Carrieplanet :)

I went for Orientation and I already have homework! I have a book to read before the end of summer so I can decide on a presentation to give in October or November. I also have homework for a class that I won't even take for another year! Seriously. And I'm geeked about all of it! Now, partly because of my totally odd obsession with office supplies. I loved school growing up and still have a mild fetish for notebooks and pens, and most recently, cool mechanical pencils.

It will take approximately three years to finish my coursework, and if I spend 20 hours a week on it, only two years to write my dissertation!

Does that mean my freedom is disappearing? People have been making comments to me about how they will see me in five years...and I admit I'm overcommitted, but there is a nice ebb and flow to my schedule and I've been praying for God to let me know if I need to back off some of my committments, and so far...nothing.

But I got in! I'm going to have my Ph.D.!!!!! Please allow me a moment to do my happy dance!

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Misty said...

well Dr. CarriePlanet- this is wonderful! I am really excited for you and I've only just "met" you!

(although, this could be because I too adored school and LOVE office supplies)