July 8, 2008

The Modern Lullaby

While wandering aimlessly among YouTube yesterday, I decided to see if there were any songs available for Ingrid Michaelson, who, by the way, is awesome - you may recognize one of her songs from an Old Navy commercial.

I'm sort of a new youtuber, and apparently you can leave video responses. Mostly it seems as though people are using them to get out their own stuff and it really has nothing to do with any kind of response whatsoever. I did find this video and I really like this type of sound. Turns out the song they are singing is actually from a children's album. You can listen to the album on Renee and Jeremy's site and you can listen to some of Renee's independent stuff here.

I think I'm going to give their children's album to all my mommy friends because it's a really great sound that kids seem to like, but that doesn't grate on the parent's nerves from listening to it over and over and over and oooovvvvee............

Albums are also available at Agape bookstores, which is a Christian bookstore. Even better :)

I can't wait until my nephew is old enough to request songs to be played over and over, I'll gladly listen to these folks with him!

Ok, thanks for reading my commercial, I'll return you to your regularly scheduled program now.

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