July 7, 2008

The Park with Two Names

I spent Friday at the recently opened George George Memorial Park in Clinton Township, MI. Apparently George George is one person, whose parents really did name him George George. As a sidenote, I would encourage any parents out there, to think long and hard about the name you give your child. Consder all the silly nicknames they could be given. Can their name easily translate into an insult? Is it difficult to say? Will you end up calling them by their middle name anyway? Really, George George? Come on.

Anyway, despite the ridiculous name, it's a beautiful park. A lot of the parks in Clinton Township are like nature preserves, which is fine. The Clinton River runs through most of them, lots of trees, and in some picnic tables and picnic pavillions are available. But this one! This is beautiful on purpose, by design. There are two fountains, a gorgeous brick gazebo and bridal gardens (a little raised area with flowers around, perfect for an altar on which to get married), 2 miles of walking/biking trails, playscapes for the kids, and all kinds of natural seating, like big stone benches. Still plenty of trees like the nature preserve, but with added flowers. They have taken special care to make space for wildlife, too, enhancing the flood plane nature of the space and creating a swampy marshy area for frogs, ducks, and other water loving creatures. The neighbor, my mom, and I took the dogs to check out the new park and before I knew it, we had walked all two miles of the trail! Take a look at the beautiful bridge near the middle of the hike, original to the old golf course that used to be located here.

Tonight I'll go back and see if I can get some photos with the evening light and maybe with the sunset.

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girlymama said...

i went to high school with robert roberts. seriously.
and nick's grandpa was ed edmunds or something.

you can be much too creative when naming kids. and much too uncreative, i guess.