July 7, 2008

There's a white girl in that car!

On Saturday I was invited to go to my best friend's dad's house for a BBQ. I picked her up on the way and Blanco knew right away that I was there, because as soon as I put the car in park and turned it off, he was in the window whining! Best friend asked me to stop at the store on the corner so we could pick up some pop to take to the party.

Picture a bright sunny day, every pump at the gas station is filled up and there is a group of kids and adults around a radio station booth by the front door. All the extra parking spots are filled up. Best friend gets out of the car and walks in the store followed by three soon-to-be-teenage kids. The following conversation ensued:

Kids: There's a white girl in that car! With a white dog!
Best Friend: (laughing)
Kids: Did you see there's a white girl in that car? And she's got a white dog with her!
Best Friend: (still laughing) Actually, the dog is mine.
Kids: Then who is the white girl?
Best Friend: My friend (although she told me later she actually considered saying I was her driver)
Kids: Oh.

Meanwhile, on the outside of the store, a white guy exits and talks to the men at the radio station booth. I'm assuming they know each other because the men do that hand slap/grip and bump shoulders thing (what is that?).

Back inside the store:

Kids: There's a white guy out there! Do you see him? There's a white guy!

Now outside the store, I see the kids exit and walk toward my car. The windows are open and Blanco is very friendly so I grab his collar lest he fly out the window to go play with the kids.

Kids: What kind of dog is that?
Me: A pit bull.
Kids: Is it a boy dog?
Me: Yes
Kids: Are you going to make him?
Me: (assuming they mean mate, or breed him) No.
Kids: Is he mean?
Me: (as Blanco starts growling and barking) Only if you mess with him.*

*I only say this because Best Friend would prefer if people maintained a healthy fear of her dog as he is guard doggish, a traditionally aggressive breed, although he is a very sweet, loving, playful dog.

Best Friend returned to the car and we had quite the good laugh on the way to the BBQ.

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CurlyfrySC's Collage said...

Where were you that white people aren't the norm.?!