October 13, 2008

Back to Blogging

I've realized, as I'm sitting here waiting for my colleague to return from lunch so I can work on work type things, that I've not written in months. Excluding of course, the torture I put you through for my homework writing. But that doesn't count! Homework doesn't count for blogging friends, that's cheating. Unless it's a homework blog. Which this is not. It's a blog about my life. Or lack thereof as of late.

I was really concerned that I would be overwhelmed and have no time for anything when I started school again. I have never worked full time and took classes, too. I have always lived on campus while going to school. However at this moment, I am living 45 minutes from campus, working full time, and taking two classes. This is a lot. Some really good homework moments are spent driving to work, and although I'm not the only one driving (thanks carpooling ladies!) it's not always easy to read about politics when there's office drama to hear about.

Usually the way I handle this is to allow myself one activity in a weekend. It's getting harder to do that, though, because the holidays are getting closer, and although I'm keeping up with my homework, I'm not being so tasky and utilizing my lunch hours to complete papers, rather than utlizing them to watch shows online like I would prefer.

This weekend, though, I splurged. I did homework Friday at lunch, and a tiny bit before church yesterday, but other than that, I had a homework free weekend! On Friday I watched tv and vegged, had class Saturday morning, but then went pumpking patching and had family over for dinner. Sunday I went to church early and got to hold babies all morning long, it was great! After church I went to my community group (the equivalent of a small group) and had brunch. I spent the rest of the day with my best friend at her new house, eating snacks and drinking wine and laughing out butts off, enjoying the beautiful warm weather.

Now, it is back to the grind, verifying files, talking to yelling parents and students, and homework...but I still love it all!

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