October 28, 2008

high anxiety registration

Students are registering for the winter semester this week and boy am I slammed at work! First off, the advisors here really busted booty to get the files completed and aid paid for students that were late. That's because we're nice. The big deal now is the people who are just now paying their balances and need the hold removed from their account. And, again, since we're nice, we are transferring them to the proper office. I remember when it was so stressful to register because if you didn't get into the class, you would have to wait to take it, it's not like there were enough spaces for everyone like with higher degree programs. Ahhh, the beauty of already having the first degree.

Speaking of which, if one more person calls and tells me they already have their bachelorette degree I'm going to cry. A bachelorette is a single woman, not the piece of paper that claims you're smart.

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