November 25, 2008

Pie, Papers, and Pitter-Patter

Ok, I think I have recovered from Pie Day. That was a ridiculous feast of pies all day long, that were so very tasty. Speaking of pies, it is tradition in our family for my mom to bake my uncle a raspberry pie each Thanksgiving. And usually two are baked, one to eat for dessert, one to send home. This requires a giant bag of frozen raspberries, which costs around $8. Except this year. This year the giant bag of rozen raspberries cost $20! WHAT?!?! I think they are going back to the store, and we will have one pie made from a tiny bag of frozen raspberries. He can take home leftovers.

I have been buried brain deep in papers. I have three things due for one class on December 3rd - a 30 page paper, an edited compilation of weekly journal entries, and a list of references of articles/books/etc. I have read over the semester. Then on December 8th I have a paper due of an unspecified length, but there is a required depth. I need structure, people, unspecified depths don't help me. Now, I holed myself up in the library this weekend and the 30 page paper is written. I need to let it sit a few days before I go back and review it so I can read what it says and not what I meant it to say. I discovered this is a better way for me to go about writing papers when I thought it would take mere moments to throw together the reflective journal compilation. Yeah, right. I'm still working on editing them and it's been days. I have a habit of writing them, then reading them over, and submitting them. All in a row. No breaks. No time to develop objectivity. Ugh. This means I will have to be REALLY good at managing my time so I can get papers done early.

Ah, the pitter-patter of heartstrings. I've been bombarded lately from all angles to do eHarmony type things. But do I really have time for that right now? And isn't it saying to the Lord that I'm tired of being patient and I'll just do it myself? I mean, I go to church, the library, bookstores, coffee places....I have friends...wouldn't the Lord know those things? The argument I receive from friends is that it's just another place to go, making yourself available to meet people just like at the library, bookstore, blah blah blah. I'm not so sure about that. I need some feedback.

Alright, it's back to work for me. I've got some files to do before I can wile away the day working on editing those journals...oh please, Jesus just let them be finished today so I can email them to the professor early!

November 19, 2008

Me Oh My, Let's Have Thanksgiving Pie Day

That is what today is at my office. Mmmmm, pie. There's pecan pie, mountain berry pie, pumpkin pie, apple rosemary lemon pandowdy, hot cider, cold cider, tea,'s Pie Day. I'm excited.

November 17, 2008

Stay tuned...

I swore I would not turn into this person when I started my Ph.D. You know, the person who becomes a hermit, hard to get ahold of, never does anything fun, and cringes at the slightest bit of noise while reading...I'm afraid I'm her. I spent almost every waking minute of the past three days reading and writing. Now, to my credit, it is nearing the end of the semester and I have two presentations, two papers, a bibliography, a reflective journal compilation, a goals worksheet, and a progress update due over the next three weeks, mostly all on the same day. In an effort not to become that procrastinator I was throughout undergrad and my master's program, I am trying to be proactive and get things done ahead of time.

The goal sheet is done, it just needs signing, the progress update will be a snap at only two pages, one presentation PowerPoint was finished last week and just needs tweeking with additional statistics, the other presentation is handwritten, it just needs to actually be plugged into PowerPoint. I am almost finished gathering docs for the first paper, and almost half of it is already written, and hopefully the second paper will just be a compilation of sections from the first paper. The bibliography is done, just need to add a couple more resources, and the reflective journal compilation will be completed by the end of the week, just reviewing professor comments, revising, and resubmitting.

I am tired. And although I don't feel cranky, I must be because I am irritated with almost everyone right now. My house isn't quiet enough to get any work done, no matter where I go I can either hear my mother, or she is right there making noise and it can be very distracting. My best friend kicked me out of her house because her dog was being obnoxious and she blamed my presence. And the library is closed on Sunday (what?!?! it's the school year!) so last night I ended up at Starbucks for eight hours, purchasing two drinks and a scone for dinner, reading, writing, and taking a break when Cousin Phil stopped by for a chat.

Starbucks worked out alright - noisy, but was able to concentrate on my reading somehow. Took an awful lot of day dreaming, thinking, and people watching breaks though. I'm going to have to try another library, hopefully one that is open until 10ish so I can have some unwinding time before bed, but not have to end studying too early.

Wish me luck. Pray for my sanity. Hopefully I will have the majority of these things done by Thanksgiving so I can truly relax and rest over the break. Oooh, this means I'll need a list! My favorite!