December 16, 2008

I thought I would add a title at the end, then I forgot.

I've decided to become passionate about running in an attempt to get my sorry behind out of bed in the morning, or outside at night and get some exercise. It's easier when it's warm out, lighter later, or ya know, when I have a personal trainer or something. But winter makes me want to curl up in a ball with a blanket and a book. And since eating has never been my friend, a blanket and a book are the worst for me because I should be obsessed with working out.

So. Over my Christmas break? My two glorious weeks off work? I am going to be walking and boxing (with a bag, not people) because I want to be skinny more than anything and I have cute pink boxing gloves that I am dying to use.

How do you motivate yourself to work out? And have I mentioned the giveaways? So far only one person. Look alive people!

December 15, 2008

My first (two) giveaway(s)!

So, I had this idea, that instead of having a crummy birthday, I would do a giveaway. Since it is my first, and I'm pretty sure I have like two readers, I thought I would drum up business as well.

To enter yourself for one giveaway, you must leave a comment to this post telling me about the best birthday you've ever had and of course, why.

To get yourself entered for a SECOND giveway, you have to refer someone who follows the instructions above and also tells they were referred by you!

The winner for #1 will be selected at random, and the winner for #2 will be selected according to how many referrals they made. So post to your blogs! Send out mass emails! Make phone calls! Because each winner will receive a set of handmade cards for various occasions. Leave your post by December 19th at midnight (eastern)!

Yes, it's a shamless ploy, but I need some cheering up, send me your stories!

i need a break from life and giveaways

Well, hello! I was too busy trying to become a hermit this weekend to write, but it was my birthday and other terrible things, so there. I am no longer in the age bracket of 25-30. It's no longer cool for me to hang out at bars. Every single one of my friends, save for best friend, are married with babies. I enjoy reading, for pete's sake, when I really should be enjoying running. I am still single, that is the biggest bum of them all, because I really love babies and want some of my own. Also went to a Christmas party where apparently only beautiful couples were allowed. I promptly left. I had a long glaring contest with the Lord. Have since come to the conclusion that even if there were any potential dates, who would ask someone that is miserable? No one. That's who. So, I will resort to keeping my heartache inside my heart. Anywho. Enough of the crap stuff. Let's talk about fun stuff!

Last night, I went to my friend Justin's feature at a local coffee house. Smokey and hole in the wallish, the way a good coffee house used to be (dang it for being healthy and quitting smoking) Trixie's is a little crowded with an eclectic mix of people. Good for the watching. Anyway, I'm going to try to convince him to publish some of his poetry, because it is wonderfully delicious and enticing, and the treat of listening to him read his own work was beyond any expectation. He's terribly creative, and I am so impressed.

Anyway, the real reason for this post is to tell you to get out your address books and start referring. Drumrooooooooooooolllll, because I'm doing a giveaway! Details to follow!

December 12, 2008

Really? Since then?

Wow, I have been busy! Apparently, since I haven't written since November 25th. Oh, well, you'll forgive me, there are only two people that read this thing anyway.

Part of the reason I have been MIA is because of the end of the semester crunch - students galore jamming up my office, having to write three to four big papers all by the same date, and trying really hard not to hide in the library bathroom while they close up so I can stay there all night :)

Oh, yes, and my deathbed. I was out of work for a week! A whole WEEK after Thanksgiving! I had this awful sinus infection/pneumonia-inciting cold. And Thanksgiving was a mess anyway. My uncle came over to remove the awful brick from the backsplash area in the kitchen. The woman that owned the house before us really had a screw loose. I've told you how she wallpapered the toilet and the bathtub, right? Anyway, pictures to come soon, but it ended up being a whole lot more work than we thought it would be because it was actual brick glued to the wall, not some sort of weird wallpaper. Hammer and chisels. Seriously.

In the process the glass on our oven got shattered when we moved it, and a free project turned into a $1500 project. On the upside, we got a new stove and microwave installed, that isn't 150 thousand years old. Nice. But expensive.

Then I got sick, so I couldn't help because he's on medication that kills his immune system, so I got kicked out of the house and had to spend the day at Starbucks. Worse places, but still I wanted to curl up and die so I didn't enjoy it as much as I normally do.

That same illness landed me in bed for a week. On the upside, it gave me time to read the Twilight series, which I will be seeing on film in a week or so, thank goodness for Christmas Breaks and working at a university, right?

Anyway, sorry I haven't been around. I promise to be more faithful. And I will start my own day of the week thing, as Misty and Girlymama have their things, 10 on Tuesdays for Misty, and Wordless Wednesdays for Mama. I think I'll start Funny Fridays. My mom and I have a game we play most every night, What's the Funniest Thing You Saw/Heard Today? Well, it will be the week for me, and yesterday's funny thing topped the cake. Bye Bye Pie is the newest blog I've been reading and this post was the most hilarious thing. It made me laugh all day and into the evening.