December 15, 2008

My first (two) giveaway(s)!

So, I had this idea, that instead of having a crummy birthday, I would do a giveaway. Since it is my first, and I'm pretty sure I have like two readers, I thought I would drum up business as well.

To enter yourself for one giveaway, you must leave a comment to this post telling me about the best birthday you've ever had and of course, why.

To get yourself entered for a SECOND giveway, you have to refer someone who follows the instructions above and also tells they were referred by you!

The winner for #1 will be selected at random, and the winner for #2 will be selected according to how many referrals they made. So post to your blogs! Send out mass emails! Make phone calls! Because each winner will receive a set of handmade cards for various occasions. Leave your post by December 19th at midnight (eastern)!

Yes, it's a shamless ploy, but I need some cheering up, send me your stories!

1 comment:

girlymama said...

my best birthday was...
ugh. i can't decide. i don't make a big deal around my birthday.
last year was awesome, though, because i was turning 29 and my husband was turning 30 the very next day. Wah-ha-ha!!!!
course, i dearly paid for all the trash talking when i turned 30 this year ;-)