January 23, 2009

funny friday: my tights aren't tight enough

Ok, don't even tell me that I forgot to finish this post when I started it last Friday! Well, sue me, I'm a busy woman. Anyway, so here's what happened. One of my coworkers walked bow-legged into my office and said she had to run down the hall for a moment, which in our world is code for the bathroom, because, as you know, there is only one in the building. I gave her a funny look, because, you see, she is not actually bow-legged, just walking that way.

Turns out, she wore tights under her pants (hello, is it hot in here? gosh, that would be torture) and they were a little too small, which I also don't understand because this woman is a toothpick, seriously needs to eat a meal. Anyway, the more she walked around, the more her tights slipped her hips and rolled their way south. At this point, the only thing holding up her tights was the crotch of her pants.

January 22, 2009

potty breaks

In my building there is one restroom. This is completely insufficient for a building of a zillion people, but somehow there never seems to be a line. To get to it, you enter from the main hallway, go through what seems to be a little loungey area, and then enter into the restroom area. The middle room is what concerns me. You see, there are big comfy chairs, coffee tables and table tables with chairs. For those coming from the far corners of the building, perhaps they need to rest, I'm not really sure what that room is about. But people STUDY in there. Like their homework (I work at a university in case you didn't know) and they take their LUNCH breaks in there. They are essentially eating and reading in a public restroom. It disgusts me. I am torn between ignoring those people because I don't want to think too much about what they are doing, or staring at them, memorizing their faces so I know not to share a meal with them, touch their hands, or any other general ickiness. BLEUH! That just grosses me out.

January 21, 2009

my bubbly skin and slippers

My thumb is healing nicely, thanks for asking. I've been ridiculously without my camera lately, otherwise, I would show you pictures. Yesterday the skin bubbled up in a giant blister, but now it's sort of deflated and only bubbly in a couple spots. Still can't feel it though, sorta worried about that? Anybody a doctor, is this a bad thing?

Today, I am wearing slippers to work. You can't tell they are slippers, but they are and I'm LOVING it! I'm going to wear them again this week with my cute plaid pants. They are cute, really. Anyway, the only reason I'm wearing them is because I'm on phones today and don't have to see students. Although, they are really comfortable and look like shoes, so maybe I could get away with it.

Did you watch the inauguration yesterday? Should that be capitalized? Inauguration. Whoo, was it good or what?! I'm so over that poet with her annunciating, but the praying and the speeches and the Obamas? Loved everything about it, yes I did! I am dying to know what kind of puppy they are getting. I think it's funny that everyone has Obama gear now. When has that ever happened for a politician? Of course, I want Obama sheets, t-shirts, and dishes, but I follow the crowd, sue me.

Oh and I can't WAIT for Funny Friday because I have the funniest thing to tell you.

January 19, 2009

where is thumbkin?

I am typing with a bandaged left thumb. Normally, it would not make any difference, right? But it's so bandaged up that I'm trying to hold it out of the way and it's making me type funny. Last night, while making dinner, I burned the heck out of my thumb. I mean, from tip to knuckle, one big long blister and it was so burned that the blister is only know showing up. Oh, and the spot? It's numb. Can't feel the skin at all. That is worrisome. I hope it's normal.

And remember how I didn't work out at all last week? Not for lack of trying, but it just wasn't a cooperative week. Anyway, I lost two pounds! Yay me! I'm sure it's from eating salads for lunch every day, but I did cheat a couple of times and I am shocked that I still lost weight. Only a million more pounds to go. But I figured, if I keep losing at this rate, I will lose 75 lbs by the end of the year. That's kinda nice, it all adds up. So, this week it's back to the gym. And I'll eat salads for dinner. That should add up to another couple of pounds, I think.

Also, the most exciting thing! A friend from my class invited all the women to be her guest at the Motorcity Casino this Saturday night! It's a swanky new place and there will be much relaxing going on! On Sunday I will be at a conference at the Ritz-Carlton, which looks very fancy! It will be work of course, but will feel like vacation!

Off to find some work to do!

January 16, 2009

june in january, avacados, and whips

That's a creative title, isn't it? I have found a new blog that I adore. It is simply hilarious and I have spent the past few weeks catching up on the readings over at Bye Bye Pie and am also time traveling back to Bye Bye Buy. I love reading blogs.

So here's a tip for ya: Never, ever, under any circumstances, think to yourself, "Hey, an avacado would be great in my chicken with greek olives and raspberry dressing salad." No, it wouldn't. Go with your original instinct, eat the avacado separately. Beyond ick.

But, you know what is the BEST thing after a wonderful yummy salad like that? Yoplait Chocolate Mousse Whips. Oh. My. Heavens. I bought some so that if I want something sweet I can just have that instead of getting ice cream or something. I am also famous for putting fruit in cottage cheese and calling it dessert. It's yummy, it's a treat, it's dessert. Anywho, delicious.

I've not been to the gym in a week, and I hate it. I'm going tonight. In fact, I'm considering quitting everything I do in order to only spend time at the gym. My free gift runs out in a week and fortunately I will be out of town until the end of the month essentially, so that I can work out at the hotel and not have to miss a week like this week. Oh, no! I just realized I'll be out of town on a Monday and will miss my weigh in.

Off to lunch, toodles!

January 6, 2009

Dear Girlymama

Aaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!!!! Excuse me while I stretch after my TWO WEEK vacation! It was awesome. I didn't get up early if I didn't want to. I took naps. I only ate a little bit of junk food. I watched movies. I read a little bit for fun. I did NOT check email and I did NOT check any blogs, so when I got back to work and had a moment, I enjoyed catching up.

Now it's back to business. I start classes tomorrow. And there was a two hour wait to see an advisor in my office yesterday. Oh bless my own heart.

So, here's one of the exciting things that I did over break. I worked our EVERY DAY! I'm not kidding! Well, every day that the gym was open, 'cause there were a few days they were not. But my friend, The Doctor, she joined Curves like a year ago after having her third and final baby. And do you know she lost like 80 pounds at least? Ridiculous. So I bugged her, and she finally told me her secret. Walking and Curves six days a week. WHAT! 30 minutes six days a week and she looks like she does now? Amazing. So she gave me a free pass for a month and boy have I enjoyed the heck out of it! And I'm eating healthier because after the first week I gained a pound and a half, which they said was all muscle, but I was positive it was from the double cheeseburger. Week two was guaranteed to be disappointing, as I've heard your body things you're starving it, so it refuses to let go of the fat. But do you know that I lost a pound in week two?! I beat the Week Two Curse! So excited and that was just enough motivation to eat even healthier this week and rush down to the Curves after work last night. Oh, and I eat like every three hours to boost my metabolism. I've noticed it makes me more satisfied with smaller meals, AND that I don't lust after the junk. Nice, huh? We're in week three, I'm excited.

So, clearly, Girlymama won the prize for the giveaway. What happened to all the referrals and friends? How does anyone get blog readers? Anyway, the point is, I feel as if I should just be writing daily letters to Girlymama, whom I love dearly, but really, she doesn't need letters from me that often.

Off to the gym!