January 6, 2009

Dear Girlymama

Aaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!!!! Excuse me while I stretch after my TWO WEEK vacation! It was awesome. I didn't get up early if I didn't want to. I took naps. I only ate a little bit of junk food. I watched movies. I read a little bit for fun. I did NOT check email and I did NOT check any blogs, so when I got back to work and had a moment, I enjoyed catching up.

Now it's back to business. I start classes tomorrow. And there was a two hour wait to see an advisor in my office yesterday. Oh bless my own heart.

So, here's one of the exciting things that I did over break. I worked our EVERY DAY! I'm not kidding! Well, every day that the gym was open, 'cause there were a few days they were not. But my friend, The Doctor, she joined Curves like a year ago after having her third and final baby. And do you know she lost like 80 pounds at least? Ridiculous. So I bugged her, and she finally told me her secret. Walking and Curves six days a week. WHAT! 30 minutes six days a week and she looks like she does now? Amazing. So she gave me a free pass for a month and boy have I enjoyed the heck out of it! And I'm eating healthier because after the first week I gained a pound and a half, which they said was all muscle, but I was positive it was from the double cheeseburger. Week two was guaranteed to be disappointing, as I've heard your body things you're starving it, so it refuses to let go of the fat. But do you know that I lost a pound in week two?! I beat the Week Two Curse! So excited and that was just enough motivation to eat even healthier this week and rush down to the Curves after work last night. Oh, and I eat like every three hours to boost my metabolism. I've noticed it makes me more satisfied with smaller meals, AND that I don't lust after the junk. Nice, huh? We're in week three, I'm excited.

So, clearly, Girlymama won the prize for the giveaway. What happened to all the referrals and friends? How does anyone get blog readers? Anyway, the point is, I feel as if I should just be writing daily letters to Girlymama, whom I love dearly, but really, she doesn't need letters from me that often.

Off to the gym!

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girlymama said...

my sister SWEARS by curves!! i'd love to try it - only 30 minutes? sign me up! - but alas, i have no babysitting and they probably frown on you lifting weights with a baby backpack on.
i'd love to learn how to lift weights - its soooo good for you and osteoperosis runs in the fam, so i should do weight-bearing exercise. but its not something i can do at home during naptime!