January 21, 2009

my bubbly skin and slippers

My thumb is healing nicely, thanks for asking. I've been ridiculously without my camera lately, otherwise, I would show you pictures. Yesterday the skin bubbled up in a giant blister, but now it's sort of deflated and only bubbly in a couple spots. Still can't feel it though, sorta worried about that? Anybody a doctor, is this a bad thing?

Today, I am wearing slippers to work. You can't tell they are slippers, but they are and I'm LOVING it! I'm going to wear them again this week with my cute plaid pants. They are cute, really. Anyway, the only reason I'm wearing them is because I'm on phones today and don't have to see students. Although, they are really comfortable and look like shoes, so maybe I could get away with it.

Did you watch the inauguration yesterday? Should that be capitalized? Inauguration. Whoo, was it good or what?! I'm so over that poet with her annunciating, but the praying and the speeches and the Obamas? Loved everything about it, yes I did! I am dying to know what kind of puppy they are getting. I think it's funny that everyone has Obama gear now. When has that ever happened for a politician? Of course, I want Obama sheets, t-shirts, and dishes, but I follow the crowd, sue me.

Oh and I can't WAIT for Funny Friday because I have the funniest thing to tell you.

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