January 22, 2009

potty breaks

In my building there is one restroom. This is completely insufficient for a building of a zillion people, but somehow there never seems to be a line. To get to it, you enter from the main hallway, go through what seems to be a little loungey area, and then enter into the restroom area. The middle room is what concerns me. You see, there are big comfy chairs, coffee tables and table tables with chairs. For those coming from the far corners of the building, perhaps they need to rest, I'm not really sure what that room is about. But people STUDY in there. Like their homework (I work at a university in case you didn't know) and they take their LUNCH breaks in there. They are essentially eating and reading in a public restroom. It disgusts me. I am torn between ignoring those people because I don't want to think too much about what they are doing, or staring at them, memorizing their faces so I know not to share a meal with them, touch their hands, or any other general ickiness. BLEUH! That just grosses me out.

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girlymama said...

yeah. that's gross.