January 19, 2009

where is thumbkin?

I am typing with a bandaged left thumb. Normally, it would not make any difference, right? But it's so bandaged up that I'm trying to hold it out of the way and it's making me type funny. Last night, while making dinner, I burned the heck out of my thumb. I mean, from tip to knuckle, one big long blister and it was so burned that the blister is only know showing up. Oh, and the spot? It's numb. Can't feel the skin at all. That is worrisome. I hope it's normal.

And remember how I didn't work out at all last week? Not for lack of trying, but it just wasn't a cooperative week. Anyway, I lost two pounds! Yay me! I'm sure it's from eating salads for lunch every day, but I did cheat a couple of times and I am shocked that I still lost weight. Only a million more pounds to go. But I figured, if I keep losing at this rate, I will lose 75 lbs by the end of the year. That's kinda nice, it all adds up. So, this week it's back to the gym. And I'll eat salads for dinner. That should add up to another couple of pounds, I think.

Also, the most exciting thing! A friend from my class invited all the women to be her guest at the Motorcity Casino this Saturday night! It's a swanky new place and there will be much relaxing going on! On Sunday I will be at a conference at the Ritz-Carlton, which looks very fancy! It will be work of course, but will feel like vacation!

Off to find some work to do!

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girlymama said...

i am always burning myself.

i am actually no longer allowed to use a glue gun. ahem.

feel better xxoxoxoxoxo