February 4, 2009

floors are for walking, not falling

Yes, I'm a slacker, but I've also been away! Away at a conference, no less, so it was work related and paid for, but I did not bring my laptop (which Cousin Phil was appalled about) and therefore did not have a chance to tell you the following:

1. There was a woman there that was stuck to me. Every meal. Every break. I started to get irritated because it made it almost impossible to them meet other people. One night I purposely went to dinner just as it was starting and sat at a different table. Now, I know that makes me sound like an awful person, but really, I figured we would then meet other people and have a perfectly fine evening. Then. No one sat at her table. I felt awful. There was an empty space at my table, so I caught her eye and told her to come join us. She made a friend on the other side of my table. And do you know my former magnet was now stuck to someone else the whole next day. I wasn't sure if it was funny or sad.

2. I got to stay at a fancy hotel! Oh, it was pretty! And actually, I got to stay in two! A wonderful friend of mine from school had a free night at a casino/hotel and boy it was gorgeous. They had a beautiful spa there where I steamed and saunaed and whirpooled and rainbenched...oh, it was great. I also fell on the floor, but we won't talk about that. The second place, I stayed, for the conference, was also a fancy hotel, but a lot more traditional, however, I did get the room to myself, which was great. It's really hard to be your professional self all day long without some down time. And although I like my boss, not such a fan of being professional all day, every day. Sometimes, you need to be a goof.

and finally,

3. I had a wonderful dinner party with some new friends when I got home and it was fabulous. We laughed, drank wine, had some yummy dessert and dinner, and then laughed some more. And, I found out, one of my new friends reads my blog! Hi, Martha! Martha was actually the inspiration for the dinner party. We have gone to the same church for years now, but our paths hadn't really crossed until recently and we decided to have a friend date! It was super fun, we went to Target, then had coffee and decided we would be friends. During our conversation, we were lamenting the fact that all our friends were married and we were sick of them! Sick sick sick! That may be a little extreme, but thought it would be nice to have a group of single women to be around, and came up with the dinner party idea! I do hope we have another one, because it was so much fun. Don't you know we ended up talking about babies, though? I guess you can't get away from it :)

Question for you, I think I want to do monthly giveaways - is that too few? And what kind of stuff should I give?


girlymama said...

target and coffee?? sounds like the perfect friend to me!!


Martha said...

I got a shoutout! :) Yay! I am a negligent reader so far as I have just read this entry...but I am happy to have a new friend in you!

Just got back from skiing with my family these past 4 days...so good to get away yet sad to miss Hope.