February 13, 2009

funny friday: what shape is YOUR nozzle?

My friends, nothing noteworthy has happened this week. I bought a bookcase. Woohoo, I'm living in the fast lane, friends. Except that this has meant a beautiful thing to my bedroom where it has meant more space. Anyway, this has nothing to do with funny, just to let you know where I've been.

So, my carpool lady, her husband is thinking of getting a dog, as they put theirs down about a month ago, and they have never not had a dog. I completely understand this, as I miss my poochie all the time and while I claim Mom's Best Friend's Dog Snickers as my very own (because he loves me best) he is not actually mine, does not live with me all the time. So, I'm trying to convince her that we should get two puppies, one each, and mine can stay at her house during the day with her husband and while she has not agreed to this, I think it's a fantastic idea and so whenever we find sibling puppies on the internet, we ooh and ah over them. So yesterday we found boxer lab mixes and oh were they so cute! You know how puppies just have that little round head thing going on. She asked if they stayed round-headed and I said of course not, they get square. Because they do. And she said, "No, I know their nozzles get square, but their heads stay round." Excuse me? Their nozzles? Oh, I was on the floor! She meant of course, their muzzle or their nose, but combined them and it came out nozzles. I have been screaming about that ever since.

Now I am trying to bribe her with paying her and buying all the dogs' food if she will let us follow through on this plan, no matter what shape our dogs' nozzles are.

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