March 3, 2009

malaria and old friends

So who knew that when you have kids you build up an immunity to their tiny virus' and if you don't have that immunity they whollop you 50 times as badly as those poor little childrens. I've been a nanny, for Pete's sake, how did I not know this, or never become this ill? Even more reasons to get married and have babies, because I hate being sick.

Also, I was on facebook today, because I am ridiculously obsessed and found a group for alums of my grade school, which was way tiny, so I thought it was funny and checked it out. I found all kinds of people that I used to know, be in various stages of friendship with etc. It was neat to go through photos and check out their lives now, but crazy, too, because what different places everyone is at in their lives! Some people have these crazy busy social lives and others are all settled and family oriented. Not to offend, but back in the day, I guess I was sort of looking for something when I was filling my time with parties and friends and ridiculous fun. I certainly don't regret most of it, but my gosh my life is different now, though not less busy. But it's filled with church stuff, and bible studies, and school...more sedate, I guess. I can't tell you the last time I went to a bar, nor had a party/attended a party that went to the wee hours and I never wanted it to end. I can hardly even picture myself in that scene right now. Hmm. Interesting.

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