April 20, 2009

to an outsider

Christians must seem pretty strange to an outsider. Someone who doesn't fathom, or can't bring themselves to have faith that someone they have never seen before, whose acts can be explained by a seemingly logical science, whose invisibility does not seem like a super-hero power, but more of a smoke screen, really exists. If, by chance, they happen to wander into our God's house on a Sunday, or Wednesday...they might see rows of people, raising their arms, maybe swaying...maybe mouthing words to a song only they can hear...walking around with smiles like they are in love, sharing and serving like no one is supposed to do these days unless they have been assigned community service. Maybe this outsider wonders if these Christians are living in a time warp, don't they know what the world is coming to? Even Sunday school teachers are convicted of hideous crimes, so where is that God that loves all and forgives so much? And speaking of forgiveness, why must we forgive so much, so often? The Christian knows. Because if God forgives us, of all our crimes, then who are we to be so holy and hard as to deem someone else unworthy of OUR forgiveness. And speaking of love. How do you fall in love with invisibility? You have a hard enough time loving the tangible people in your lives, friends, spouses, family...how do you develop an intimacy in the most long distance relationship ever? Can you close your eyes and picture Him, laughing, teasing, embracing? Can you hear His voice if you block out all other thoughts? What if your imagination is not that good? To an outsider, we must seem so bizarre. But I pray, that to that outsider, God shows up more real than ever before, unmistakeable, tangible and tender. To you, too. Because even Christians feel like outsiders sometimes.

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Anonymous said...

Beautifully written.