November 24, 2009

end of the semester flurry

I have two class periods left before the end of the semester, which basically means I have two classes to finish the research project, plan and prepare the presentation, then stumble along to the other projects for a class I'm taking this summer! I've already had one paper due for that class, don't get me started - I know it's a process and it's to help us work on things gradually over the course of the year instead of trying to do forty hours of work in one shortened semester. That doesn't mean it's any easier. And then I really REALLY need to get the editing finished on this other paper that I'm trying to submit for publication - actually that might be able to occupy me on my flights. I leave for vacation in two and a half weeks and could not be more excited or ready!

That doesn't sound all that busy, does it? But it is, because it's in addition to working 40 hours a week, commuting 10 hours a week, fitting in exercise, playing with the dog and making sure she doesn't feel ignored, my standing appointments during the week, PLUS the holidays!? I hate the end of the semester flurry, but it's all worth it when the break begins! I get to take three glorious weeks off this year, and will be spending the first third in sunny Arizona and California visiting family and friends. Can.Not.Wait.

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