February 25, 2010

at it again

Y'all, I have been in the worst mood lately, but I am feeling so much better, thank God for endorphins! And dolphins with dorsal fins...speaking of which did you see the thing on the news today about the killer whale at Sea World that KILLED its trainer! And how no one is sure why it was allowed to perform because its KILLED BEFORE!!!! I hate that there were children and families who witnessed it!

But that is not why I have endorphins or am in a better mood. If you remember, last year, I started running. Well, I broke my foot (not from running) and then got sick for over a month with a nasty cold that wouldn't quit, then bruised my rib from all the coughing (which is PAINful by the way) and so needless to say, I was down and out with the running for a while. My friend, Martha, who I originally started the running with and who is still doing it, encouraged me the other day to get back into it with the Couch to 5K training plan.

You've heard me talk about this before, it was how I started running way back when. But y'all. The first time I did it this week, I thought I might die. Oh. My. Goodness. Around minute 13 I could no longer find my breathing rhythm and felt like I was going to pass out from all the lightheadedness. So, I quit, because I was home along and didn't want Penny to have to witness my face being burned off because it landed on the treadmill when I fell out. So I talked to the Best Friend, because she runs, ya know (what, does EVERYONE do this?) and she gave me some tips:

1. Eat something about an hour before you go exercise. Something like a banana, something about simple carbs, that part I don't really get. Her trainer eats a sweet potato with brown sugar? Seems counterproductive, but he's a trainer (in amazing shape, really) and he should know.

2. The breathing thing will adjust itself because your lungs need to be conditioned too, just like your muscles.

3. Load up on protein afterwards.

So, even though you're not supposed to do the program two days in a row, I did it again last night because otherwise I wouldn't have been able to do it until Friday and that was unacceptable, I may have lost my motivation by then. First, I ate the banana. Then an hour and a half later I went down to the treadmill and did the five minute warm up. I thought I might die from the lactic acid BURNING, which is, I guess, why they tell you not to do that two days in a row. So, I got frustrated and got off the treadmill and changed my laundry. I decided I wasn't going to quit because then I would never EVER be a runner, so I got back on the treadmill and did the rest of the 20 minutes. Did you read that? After the first time of only being able to do 13, I did the WHOLE 20 MINUTES!!! Here's what I think:

1. the banana helped.
2. my determination helped.
3. I slowed my walking in the first part so I could catch my breath, but found that the slower I walked toward the end, the worse it was, so I walked faster so I could keep up with my breathing
4. I noticed that I was raising my shoulders while I was running and it was making the breathing more difficult, so I consciously put them down and it made all the difference.
5. I should not have waited an hour and a half, I should have gone after an hour because by the time I was done, I was STARVING and a little lightheaded.
6. Afterwards, my bad mood was totally gone!

Now, I will wait a day before I do it again so that I don't ruin myself somehow, but I'll probably do the Wii Fit tonight after work so I don't get out of my momentum.


melissa said...

YOU GO!!!! those are great tips - i never eat breakfast, then i'm surprised that i don't have energy to exercise! DUH!

Carrie said...

I used to be like that until I changed jobs and we do something different each day - sometimes we sit at a desk and answer student phone calls, sometimes we are taking walk ins and so are up and down all day. I started to notice that what filled me up one day didn't fill me up another day - I was using more energy and could actually tell the difference breakfast made. So, now I eat breakfast and am better able to manage what I bring to work for lunch, snacks, and sometimes dinner!

Martha said...

yay Carrie!! You did it!! okay...can't wait for the next installment of "exercise and carrie = motivation for Martha to exercise too" :)