February 26, 2010

march madness

I was trying to make an appointment with my pastor today and suggested this upcoming Thursday. He emailed back to ask if it could be the following week and as I was flipping through my planner to see what would work, I realized my March schedule is insane and I ended up in April looking for an open date for a meeting.

Here's a brief synopsis:

Week 1-
Lunch meeting about an internship next year
Class two nights
Dr. appointment
meeting for my mentorship class this summer
(3.5 off work, otherwise a full week)
leave for Chicago which carries into....

Week 2 -
attend a conference in Chicago (read working exhaustion mixed with fun)
Skype into Tuesdays class while in Chicago
fly home and immediately drive from airport to Wednesdays class in which a paper is due
work late at an Admissions event
hibernate and refuse to do anything that weekend to recoup
(3 days off work but not really because I'll be working at the conference)

Week 3 -
register for NEXT YEAR'S classes 6 months early
two nights of class
sorority meeting
(1 hour off work to get to an off site class in time)

Week 4 -
two nights of class
sorority sister's baby shower

Week 5 - because March is trying to kill me
two nights of class

So the month gets progressively better, I guess, for goodness sake! The first two weeks really suck, and week three...well, let's just say the last sorority meeting was 9 hours. Gracious!

I should probably pack for Chicago this weekend, and write that paper that's due when I get back. I'm excited about the conference! A lot of my college friends live in Chicago and some folks from grad school, so hopefully I'll get to see some folks! And I get there the day before the conference since it starts early in the morning so I'm hoping to do some fun Chicago stuff! Any suggestions?!

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