February 12, 2010

things that are annoying

1. the way you can hear the same 16 songs on the radio over the course of the day. please, find some new ones. or even old ones. just not the same ones.

2. that alicia keys song about New York. and alicia keys in general.

3. the way people cannot figure things out for themselves and must be told the simpliest directions - click here. see the drop down menu? select that. my gosh, use your literacy skills and exercise some logic.

4. that ludacris song with the chipmunks. stop it. chipmunks should not sing about booty.

5. my ability to take forever to get over someone. i was in love with him and given the opportunity would readily pick up that habit again. but given the overarching complications, why can I not just get over it instead of wishing it were different. i annoy myself.

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