March 2, 2010

peas for protein

Do you know how much protein is in peas? I don't remember exactly but I looked at the package the other day and was astounded. I immediately ate a bunch and heated them up in the pan after I cooked the chicken which had a million and one spices on it and I discovered that peas with a million and one spices on them are delicious! I wouldn't call myself an experimenter with food, if I'm cooking something outside of the basics, I will usually use a recipe, I'm just not that creative. So, in that vein, I've always been a butter and salt kind of girl on cooked vegetables, if I put anything on them, usually I just eat them plain. Once I was adventurous and put lemon juice on them. But when those peas came out with a million and one spices, oh my goodness, I made them last night on purpose! Here's what I did:

one of those frozen $1 packages of peas from Kroger
a tiny tiny bit of olive oil (do you enjoy my exactness?)
once the peas have started to thaw a bit, add to taste:
cajun jerk seasoning
black pepper

when it starts to get a little dry, add up to a half cup of water slowly until the peas are cooked and the spices are well mixed throughout. Divide up into four containers and you have a lovely snack or side!

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