March 30, 2010

Ta da!

Ok, I warned you March was a doozie! But I've survived and am looking at the tail end of March with a little less sleep under my belt, but huge accomplishments!

On the school front, I am done two weeks early with an evaluation of a campus department, so I'm turning that in tonight and only have the presentation to give next week. For my statistics class, I have to analyze the data I collected and write the paper, which isn't too bad, and turn THAT in next week and give a presentation. I realized last week that it has been a while since I cried in statistics, and if you've read me for a bit, you would know that at first, that is how I measured my success: the worse time I was having, the more times I cried. Then, this weekend, I was reading a ridiculously heavy article and completely understood the analyses and results. Unheard of! I am happy with the semester, happy that it's over, and happy I never have to take a full load of classes again.

On the work front, I went to Chicago as planned and had a great conference! This is the view from my hotel:

It was fantastic to catch up with old friends and colleagues and to pay attention to my professional development again! I had let it stray when I started school, but it was so refreshing and fun!

And finally, on the personal front, nothing much has changed. Still single. Still hate it. Still trying to figure out how to stop missing that guy so much - sometimes I wish I could just tell him, but then I think he's made himself clear and proximity is an issue and that isn't changing right now so what's the point? But spring is around the corner and I cannot WAIT for flip flops and shorts and tank tops - and to show off those tattoos my mom hates so much :)

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