March 2, 2010

week two, but really week one repeated

that's not at all confusing, is it? week two but really week one, just twice in a row? last week I posted about the Couch to 5K training running plan and at the time, I did not know if I was going to do it the straight out 9 weeks, or if I was going to repeat weeks and extend it to 18 weeks. At least for the time being, I'm going to repeat the weeks.

The first day of week one, I did only 13 minutes and did not keep track of the distance I travelled. The second day, I did the whole 20 minutes and did about .7 miles. Day three was still the full 20 minutes, but I went .89 miles, meaning I was walking and running faster than I had on day two. So, yesterday I started with day one of the week one plan for the second week (ha!) and did the full 20 minutes and went a distance of .92! I'm pleased with the distance increases, I hope to become more consistent with my speed. I noticed yesterday I was running at a speed of 4.0mph and immediately turned it down to 3.5mph because I knew I could not possibly keep up that speed, though I also wonder if it was psychological and it just freaked me out that I was going faster than I thought.

I do need to figure out if my endurance is changing, so maybe that will be more noticeable if I can become more consistent with my speeds?

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