November 8, 2010

don't stand so close

It makes sense, but still seems cruel, that a person nearest to your heart can so easily tear it to shreds. The person that can make you the happiest can also hurt you the most. And so it is when you fall in and out of love with all the conflicting statements and desires to hear what you want to hear, instead of the intent. It baffles me how one individual can be so conflicted. It seems pretty simple to me, you love someone, you want to be with someone, you realize who that someone is, and then you are. How do you know what you want, but aren't ready to have it? So, to the man who repeatedly breaks my heart, intentionally or not, grow up. I never was waiting for you, but it would have been nice if you picked up the pace a little bit because I'm not going to be around forever.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Walk away , mabye he'll follow.