November 29, 2010

it's the little things...

My loveliest of college friends, Girlymama, has a blog that I read daily and let me tell you she is the most amazing, put together woman I have ever met. She's a mom to three adorable and hilarious children, a wife, an entrepreneur, a fashionista, and TALENTED with her creative crafts and child rearing ideas. I file a lot of those ideas away for when I have kids, or pass along the tidbits to my friends who already do! Today she challenged her readers to think of ten unimportant things that make you happy, so here goes!

10. Christmas lights! It started when I was little and my Grandma would take me driving along Lakeshore Drive where all the big fancy houses line the lake. They all had their lights professionally done and are always spectacular. I continued the tradition after my grandma passed away and will often take the long way home from work just to drive through various subdivisions and look at the lights.

9. A good book! I have been a bookworm since the third grade when we had a reading contest (perhaps that's where my competitive nature started). We hung construction paper kites from the ceiling and got a bow on the tail for every book we read. Mine had to be moved to the back of the room because the tail was too long. Books have the ability to captivate me and take me somewhere else - I can so easily tune out the noise around me, it's the perfect getaway.

8. A puppy cuddle! My dog Penny and I have a routine. Each night we climb into bed (I recently had to get a bigger bed because she's such a bed hog, by the way) and we cuddle up to watch TV or read a book. She snuggles right in and puts her head on my lap and paw on my knee.

7. School (and homework)! I know it's odd. And I do get burned out, it's not that I never hate to do homework, it's just that I need it after a while...kind of like chocolate. I knew it was time to go to grad school when I was watching TV one night and a commercial came on. My first thought was not "ooh, look at that Arby's roast beef sandwich" as the advertising mogule was surely aiming for, but "I wish I had some homework to do right now." That's when I knew. A similar thing happened when I started working on my Ph.D. though that was also accompanied by, "I might as well get this out of the way since I'm bitterly single." Not so bitter anymore, by the way :)

6. Buying presents and doing thoughtful things for others! I love to let people know they are loved, and thought of, and cared about. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not some saint who never thinks of herself, I enjoy showing myself the same love and care in the form of purses and lipgloss, but nothing beats surprising my Mom with a dressed up afternoon at the theater, or a massage for my best friend when I know she's been having a rough time.

5. Personalized license plates! It started when my cousin Philip and I worked together and carpooled. We always have the most hilarious time and have too many inside jokes to even remember what most of them are about, but are still funny. We can convulse in laughter at the drop of a hat. When we used to work together, we would always see the same cars driving to works and some had vanity plates. It became a game to make up different meanings. We have a longstanding argument over whether LMNCHKN is Lemon Chicken or Little Munchkin. We no longer work together but text each other the vanity plates we see all the time.

4. Organizing, cleaning, and To Do lists! I have to admit, I'm a little addicted to organization and efficiency, multi-tasking and crossing things off my list. You know my life has gotten a little hectic when something is messy. I leave my desk at work every night completely organized and clear of clutter. I can't wait to clean out my linen closet over the winter break and use my label maker. And if I can get more than one thing done at once? Oh. My. Stars. For example, tonight when I drive home from work not only will I be battling traffic, but I will also be playing catchup on the phone with my best friend. Leftovers for dinner, cleaning the bedroom, laundry, and making my packing list for my trip to California in two weeks. And making my To Do list for the rest of the week :) Love it the feeling of accomplishment and productivity from all of that.

3. Warm weather! Even if I have to appreciate it as a reward for enduring what seems like an unending winter. The past couple years I have cheated and escaped to California and Arizona for a week's vacation during the cold winter months in Michigan. And I appreciate the seasons, really, I do....I just wish the worst ones were shorter and spring and summer were longer :)

2. TV on the internet! TV is my escape, allows me a little mindless vacation during my lunch hour at work, or to catch up on my shows when I miss them because of all that mult-tasking!

1. Quality time! It's my biggest love language, I'm an extrovert so it's how I relax, and what could be better than spending time with your favorite people?!

What's in your top ten?

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