February 8, 2012

just call me dr. coupon

Hello, again! It seems I'm always opening a post by trying to explain away another absence. Here's the deal: I'm always busy. I am the queen of overcommitment. Even while I've been trying to scale back my involvement to work on my dissertation, it seems I commit to things because they only occur once a month, but then I find myself involved in 10 things that only happen once a month...crap. So there's this grant writing committee... Despite my absence, though, January proved to be a successful month! I handed in my first draft of my theory basis and am working on chapter 2 right now. Also, as a result of a recent marathon of Extreme Couponing, I decided to give it a whirl (commitment number 3 if you're keeping track)which has involved only a bit of time looking at coupons and circulars and planning. If you know me, though, looking at circulars and planning shopping trips are things I do already. Are you ready for my amazing coupon success?! Alright, here goes. I signed up for an online account with CVS Pharmacy for their ExtraCare program - had the keytag, but apparently accessing it online is different. For signing up, I got a $4 off $20 coupon. I also had coupons from the Sunday mailers for $1 off Nyquil, and $3 off the new Nature Fusion honey something Vicks cold medicine. Bought $12 worth of Suave shampoo and two Vicks cold medicines for $12, for a total of $24. Subtract $4 from the signing up coupon, plus the total $4 from the Vicks coupons, add tax and it was $17.20. As a result of buying the shampoo and the Vicks medications, I got $7 of their ExtraBucks cash off my next purchase, which means I can go in and buy 7 of another item I use that happens to be on sale for $1, and just pay tax, $.42. So, that's 15 products, regular value about $46 for ONLY $17.62!! That's less than my monthly budgeted amount for toiletries. So, now I'm hooked! Do you have any couponing adventures or tips?!

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